Location: CH-9428 Walzenhausen
Date: 12.08.2020 - 30.08.2020

Intuitive Anatomy Instructors

Stibal Vianna
Stibal Vianna
Total Costs ≈6415.00 USD

consisting of:
➧ Seminar costs: 4400.00 USD
➧ Registration Fee 1970.00 CHF
Manifesting and Abundance Instructors

Opfar Brandy
Opfar Brandy
Total Costs ≈1158.00 USD

consisting of:
➧ Seminar costs: 800.00 USD
➧ Registration Fee 350.00 CHF

More Information


Hotel Walzenhausen
Dorf 45
CH-9428 Walzenhausen
+41 71 511 43 70

Basic DNA Instructors will take Place in Hotel Einstein St. Gallen. We provide a Shuttle from Walzenhausen to St. Gallen during the Basic Instructors Seminar.


Stay in our Eventhotel during the Seminar you are attending.
Find your room here:

Available rooms:
Standard Double room for 2 persons including breakfast: CHF 100.00 per room per night
Standard Double room for single use / Standard Single room including breakfast: CHF 80.00 per night
Comfort Double room for 2 persons including breakfast: CHF 140.00 per room per night
Comfort Double room for single use including breakfast: CHF 120.00 per night

1 Bed in a shared double room including breakfast: CHF 52.00 per person per night (in this option we will put you in a room with another ThetaHealing Student of the same gender)

You can also book your accommodation without Breakfast; this is a price reduction of CHF 10.00 per Person per Day.

Cooking Facility:
You have the possibility to book our guest kitchen, in case you like to cock for yourself. This is an option when you book your room. You can also add it at the front desk once you check in.

Shuttle for Basic Instructors:
Are you coming for Basic Instructors? Basic is taking place in Hotel Einstein St. Gallen. If you come for Basic you can stay in Walzenhausen too. We provide a Shuttle Service to St. Gallen during the Basic Instructors Seminar.

Further accommodation possibilities


‘’B&B Studio Traumhöckli’’
Almendsberg 583, 9428 Walzenhausen
+41 71 888 53 17

‘’Felix & Gertrud Eisenhut’’
Moos 690, 9428 Walzenhausen
+41 71 570 00 52

‘’Holiday house «Miranda»’’
Rosmarie David
Allmendsberg 581, 9428 Walzenhausen
+41 71 422 32 60

‘’Holiday house Fromsenrüti’’
Beat Niederer
+41 33 823 35 61

‘’Guest house Traube’’
Ernst Züst
Lachen 739, 9428 Lachen Walzenhausen
+41 79 278 27 88

‘’Pizzeria-Pension Gambrinus’’
Karin und Marino De Solda
Dorf 65, 9428 Walzenhausen
+41 71 888 06 50

‘’Hotel Hecht’’
Hauptstrasse 51, 9424 Rheineck
+41 71 888 29 25

You can find a list of hotels and accommodation on:



Zurich Airport (ZRH) is only one and a hour from Walzenhausen. Twice an hour you have a direct train from the airport to St. Gallen, from there you switch the train to Walzenhausen. The Trainstation is in front of our Eventhotel.

The Train station Zurich Airport is located underneath the airport. Tickets for the train you can get at the ticket machine or at the ticket desk.

Zurich (ZRH) is very well connected through different airlines. You can choose cheap airlines like EasyJet ( or Pegasus ( or usual airlines like Swiss, Lufthansa, Turkish airlines, Air Fance, Emirates and many more. Good flight possibilities can be found by

As an option you can also take the plain to Munich (MUC) and from there you have a direct train to St. Margrethen which takes around 3 hours. From there you can take the Bus or the Train to Walzenhausen.


Trains run from Zurich’s main train station and Zurich airport to St.Gallen every 30 minutes. The journey takes about 1 hour. There are also direct express trains from Bern (2 hours), Geneva (4 hours) and Munich (3 hours) to St.Gallen or St. Margrethen. From St. Gallen or St. Margrethen you switch to the next train or bus to Walzenhausen.
Here you can find the schedule of the Train SBB:


Walzenhausen is only one hour and 15 minutes away from Zurich by car. Austria and Germany are also nearby. Distances: Zurich 1 hour, Munich 2.5 hours, Stuttgart 2.5 hours, Milan 3.5 hours.

Take the motorway exit Rheineck and head towards the centre, there you will find the sign to Walzenhausen.
Here you can find a description of the way by Google Maps and further information:


Since Switzerland is the land of the clocks, the public transportation is usually exactly on time. The comfortable trains of SBB are bringing you in all directions, usually several times an hour. To take the train you can get your ticket the day of departure, or before, at the train station – there is no need of reservation.
This is the link to the Train schedule of SBB:

Rental Car

To rent a car in Switzerland you have the possibility at the airport. A car gives you the opportunity to stay in the alps, Appenzell for example, and to visit many places. In Walzenhausen you have limitted free parking possibilities.
Rental Cars

About Switzerland

Sightseeing around St. Gallen

Here you can find some Sightseeing ideas in Appenzell and around St. Gallen.


The currency in Switzerland is Swiss Franc (CHF). The location St. Gallen is close to the Austrian and German border, therefore most places take also Euro for payment.
Here you can find the current exchange rate: OANDA.COM

Prices in Switzerland

Many people think that Switzerland is very expensive. They measure this according to their experience in cities like Zurich. Zurich is price wise one of the most expensive cities in Switzerland. On the countryside and in smaller cities other price levels exist.
As our Seminar place we have chosen the city St. Gallen in the east part of Switzerland. St. Gallen convinces with its cultural back ground as well as its good priced accommodation and food possibilities. Near the border to Austria and Germany you can reach St. Gallen easily by train as well as by car.


Walzenhausen is a small town in the mountain of Switzerland with beautiful view to lake Constance. In Walzenhausen you can enjoy your seminar in a calm and relaxing environment.


In the town of Walzenhausen you have two Restaurants close by the Venue. Also in the Venue the "Wunder-Bar" is open for all guests according to the Event Opening schedulle.
Lunch is provided during the Seminars in Walzenhausen.


Against the imposing backdrop of the Alpstein Massif with the Säntis lies the St. Gallen / Lake Constance region, in the rolling foothills of the Alps.

This is a place where contrasts meet to provide a “solid” holiday offering: the city of St. Gallen, with the Abbey District (a listed World Heritage site) is a real tip for city break fans. On the shore of Lake Constance from Rorschach up to Altenrhein, the lake, with swimming pools, water sports and exciting museums, attracts people to it (driving and flying there). The rural area of St. Gallen is an ideal area for cycling and walking which always offers a view of the lake and mountains.

The St. Gallen metropolis is the core of the region. It is a culture and shopping attraction: the historic Abbey District with the magnificent Baroque cathedral and the Abbey Library is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Buildings designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava provide a highly modern tone to the historic city.

Located directly on Lake Constance, is Rorschach, which is the starting point for many excursions into the Lake Constance region. For example, one can head from here in one of the many cruise ships of the White Fleet which connect Rorschach with virtually any harbor in the Constance region. The Lake Constance region between Rorschach and St Margrethen is ideal for walking and cycling. Especially beautiful is the view of Lake Constance, from the plateau above Goldach and Rorschacherberg. It stretches from Untereggen eastwards up to “Steinig Tisch” above the old mouth of the Rhine. Cosy ponds and bogs, and a number of stately palaces characterize the image of this beautiful stretch of land on the lake

Event Coordinators

We, Jutta Wirth and Matthias Wirth jun., are the CIC and Event Coordinators for Vianna and Guy in Switzerland.
As first mother and son Hoast-Team, we are looking forward to welcome many ThetaHealer in Switzerland.

If you have Questions or if you need some further information please contact us per phone or by e-mail

Jutta Wirth & Matthias Wirth jr.

W-Cooperations GmbH
Matthias Wirth
Neudorfstrasse 8
CH-9451 Kriessern

+41 71 511 43 70
+41 79 363 87 12

Contact THInK®
29048 Broken Leg Road
Bigfork, MT USA 59911


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