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Location: JP-Kobe
Date: 04.03.2023 - 30.03.2023

Rainbow Children Instructors
03/26/2023 - 03/30/2023
 THInK Instructors Team
THInK Instructors Team
Total Costs ≈2510.00 USD

consisting of:
➧ Seminar costs: 1800.00 USD
➧ Registration Fee 710.00 USD

More Information

Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture

The Theta Healing Instructor Classes will be the main location for the event and take place in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. Joshua Stibal and Raena Stibal will be teaching in person from this location. Vianna and Brandy will remotely teach as well.

The Venue is Hotel Okura Kobe

Kobe is surrounded by the ocean and mountains. It is one of the largest port cities in Japan with an urban area stretching from the east to the west. Hotel Okura Kobe is located within a 65-minute-drive from the Kansai International Airport (KIX), 20 minutes from Kobe Airport (UKB), and 5 minutes from Kobe Sannomiya, the center of the city. We offer free shuttle bus services from Kobe Sannomiya to our hotel. From the nearest train station Motomachi to Osaka is approximately 25 minutes by train, and Kyoto is only 45 minutes away.
Details on transportation to the venue

10 minute walk from JR and Hanshin “Motomachi station” and
20min walk from JR “Sannomiya” station and Hankyu, Hanshi “Kobe Sannomiya” station
A Hotel Shuttle bus is available from Sannomiya Bus Terminal at Sannomiya Syation.

It takes 65 min by taxi or car from Kansai international airport (KIX) to the Venue. There is an airport limousine bus from Kansai airport to Sannomiya station, Kobe.

for more details on Access to the venue, please check the Hotel Link

Staying at the Venue hotel

Hotel Okura Kobe
Searching for good rates on booking sites will be the most reasonable way to book your stay. Rooms are booked pretty quickly due to high season. Please check the Hotel booking searching sites below.

Hotel La Suite Kobe
About 5-10min walk to the Venue

Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel
About 5-10min walk to the venue

Kobe Motomachi Tokyu Rei Hotel
About 10 min walk to the venue

About 15min by walk
About 7 min by Taxi to the Venue

Smile Hotel Kobe Motomachi
About 10 min walk to the venue

dormy inn kobemotomachi
It has hot-spring SPA and Sauna
About 8 min walk to the venue

Single room from 6500JPY per
Semi double room from 3900JPY per person/day
Twin room from 5000JPYper person/day
About 13 min walk to the venue
(only Japanese site)

Hotel MERIKENPORT kobemotomachi
Double economy room from 10500JPY per person/day
Twin economy room from 10500JPY per person/day
About 7 min walk to the venue
(only Japanese site)





Accommodation near the venue search words are:

Note that public transportation is very convenient in Japan, if you need help with finding a hotel or the need of help for convenience let us know. We are happy to help you.
Hotel Okura Kobe

A good description on the venue site.

NOTE: Almost all public transportation in Japan has English discription.

65 min by taxi or car from Kansai international airport (KIX) to the Vanue.
Airport limousine bus from Kansai airport to Sannomiya, Kobe.
10 min by a Shuttle bus from Sannomiya bus terminal(Sannomiya station):

Sometime before the in person events we will create a video to show you how to get
To the venue from Sannomiya Station and other public transfomation. We will send you the video via email.
Japanese Train systems are amazing that all public transportation is mostly exactly on time.
It has JR line, Hanshin line and Hankyu line to go Osaka, Nara, Kyoto. You can purchase your ticket at the ticket vending machine, You may not need to have special tickets where you want to go. you don’t need to reserve if you go local area.
Google map will tell you how to and also train schedule

Subway and Bus are runs same company in Kobe call Kobe City Transportation.
You need to buy a ticket at the vending machine before you get on the subway.
Here is how to ride the city subway:

City bus, For standard fair is 210JPY/per
When you paying with cash: Deposit your coins in the fare box when you getting off. When you using IC cards like the KANSAI ONE PASS: Tap your IC card on the card reader by the door when boarding the bus(1st tap) . Tap it again on the fare box’s card reader when exiting the bus(2nd tap).
Here is more info:

Shuttle bus
From Sannomiya-station(Sannomiya bus terminal), there are free shuttle buses that you can take to the venue (Hotel Okura)

Sightseeing around Kobe

Here is some ideas about exploring in Kobe area:

You can also easily to access, Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara.
Osaka, you can attach “local Japanese foods”.
Kyoto and Nara, you can explore historical temples, shrines and atmosphere.

China Town is 8minutes walk from the venue.

Kansai area(kobe, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara,etc) sight seeing info:

you can also visit Tokyo,
by bullet train(shinkansen) it takes about 3 hrs.
by airplane it takes about 1.5 hrs.

from Kobe airport (nearest airport from the venue and Kobe)

The currency in Japan is Japanese yen (JPY).
Recently most of the shops and restaurants accept credit card, but local restaurants are still not be able to take the credit card, so please have some cash with you.
Most of huge hotels are able to exchange currency. Also you can exchange money at local bank, cash exchange ATMs are available as well. Also Seven Eleven(convenience store) ATM can withdraw cash from your credit card easily.
More info:

Around the Venue:
The hotel okura where is the seminar place, is near the bay area, also near the central Kobe. So you can easily to find restaurants, shops and some activities.
1 .Shopping:
Harberland area, there is shopping mall call “Kobe Harberland umie” or “Kobe-renga-soko” You can find lots shops and restraints

5 things you should check and do the bay area:
1. Kobe Port tower
The landmark tower of the port city of kobe!
2. Cursing around kobe port
3. Shopping:
Harberland area, there is shopping mall call “Kobe Harberland umie” or “Kobe-renga-soko” You can find lots shops and restraints
4. Having a dinner by the bay
5. Be kobe monument
The monument is in front of the venue, you better take photo!!

More info about bay area of Kobe:

Event Coordinators:

Akemi & Teryuki Kajihara
3-21-17 Onoharanishi Minoh-city
Osaka 562-0032 Japan

Phone: +818038137320
Line ID: astrohearts-akemi
Whats app: +818038137320

We would love to see you in person in Japan.

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