Switzerland: Travel and Covid Regulations

The Federal Council of Switzerland has issued new regulations for events and gatherings. If you plan on attending a Seminar in Person in St. Gallen, Switzerland these are the Regulations which we have to follow.

Covid Regulations in Switzerland:

Tourism takes place in Switzerland in compliance with safety concepts. There is an obligation to wear masks in public transport and shops.

In Switzerland, there is also a Covid certificate obligation indoors for Events and Restaurants. The Covid certificate is available to anyone who is either vaccinated, recovered from Covid or who has tested negative. The certificate can be presented using the app or on paper. If you use testing to get the covid certificat be aware that depending on the test the negative result will be valid for 2-3 days maximum, after that time frame a next test has to be done.

Due to the Covid certificate we will not have any mask or social distancing regulations at the event.

Guests from the EU, Schengen and EFTA area
Vaccinated guests from the European Union, the Schengen area as well as the EFTA area will be able to receive the Swiss Covid certificate.

A Swiss certificate can always be obtained via regular testing. Further information on CoVid-19 testing can be found here.

Guests from outside of the EU, Schengen or EFTA area
For vaccinated guests from countries outside EU, Schengen or EFTA the following solution applies: All human-readable certificates of vaccinations with an EMA vaccine are valid for indoor access (EMA vaccines like: Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen/Johnson&Johnson, AstraZeneca and all licenses vaccine such as Covishield, etc.).

Conditions for the vaccination certificates:

The vaccination certificates must be converted into a Swiss certificate. Details are currently being worked out how that works.

A Swiss certificate can always be obtained via regular testing. Further information on CoVid-19 testing can be found here.

Travel Regulations for Switzerland:

The Federal Office of Public Health has created a Travelcheck website, where you can enter your details and check the entry regulations: travelcheck.admin.ch/check

Most of the countries are able to travel to Switzerland by showing a negative PCR-Test. Some Countries are considered higher risk – they are restricted to enter Switzerland and can sometimes only do it, if they were vaccinated. Check out your situation on the following website: travelcheck.admin.ch/check

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