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Seminar group:
Japan 2024
28.05.2024 - 05.11.2024

Intuitive Anatomy Instructors
16 Sep 2024 - 4 Oct 2024
Attendance: 10 days Online, 5 days in Person
 THInK Instructors Team
THInK Instructors Team
Total Costs ≈6580.00 USD

consisting of:
➧ Seminar costs: 5480.00 USD
➧ Registration Fee 1100.00 USD
Building Intuition Instructors (former Rainbow Children Instructors)
7 Oct 2024 - 10 Oct 2024
Attendance: in person at Remote Location
 THInK Instructors Team
THInK Instructors Team
Total Costs ≈2510.00 USD

consisting of:
➧ Seminar costs: 1800.00 USD
➧ Registration Fee 710.00 USD
Planes of Existence Instructors
28 Oct 2024 - 1 Nov 2024
Attendance: in person at Remote Location
 THInK Instructors Team
THInK Instructors Team
Total Costs ≈2810.00 USD

consisting of:
➧ Seminar costs: 2100.00 USD
➧ Registration Fee 710.00 USD
You and The Earth Instructor
4 Nov 2024 - 5 Nov 2024
Attendance: in person at Remote Location
 THInK Instructors Team
THInK Instructors Team
Total Costs ≈1240.00 USD

consisting of:
➧ Seminar costs: 890.00 USD
➧ Registration Fee 350.00 USD
These seminars can be attended in several locations.

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More Information

Osaka, Minamisenri

The ThetaHealing Classes with Vianna Stibal will take place in Osaka, Suita, Minamisenri. The venue is a minute away from Hankyu Minami Senri station. The public transportation you will be taking will be Hankyu Kitasenri Line which directly comes from subway line.

The name of the hotel is “Minami-Senri Crystal Hotel” There is a mall around the train station and many coin parking areas around the train station and venue.

Here is the link about the venue:
Any hotel in Osaka, you will be able to access from the hotel via train. The class ends at 10:30pm which allows you to commute from any area of Osaka.

Here are some train stations that will be close to the venue. Which you can search them on hotel booking sites.

阪急梅田 Hankyu Umeda
千里中央. Senrichuo
新大阪. Shin Osaka
梅田駅 Umeda Station
大阪駅 Osaka Station
堺筋線 Sakai-Suji Line
桃山台駅 Momoyamadai
心斎橋 Shinsaibashi
難波. Nanba

How to get to the venue

From Kansai International Airport
Kansai International Airport(KIX) takes about 1 and half hours. There are couples ways to get to the venue.

by train:
From the KIX station, take the Nankai-line to Tenigachaya station, change the Sakaesuji line to Minamisenri station, take a walk about 2 min to the venue.

From the KIX station, take the JR line to shinimamiya station, then change Hankyu line, it's about 4 min walk to change the Hankyu line. Get on subway (Sakaesuji line) and then get off at Minamisennri station, take a walk about 2 min to the venue.

Osaka International Airport(ITAMI)
Itami airport takes about a Half hours to get to the venue.

Take an Osaka monorail From Osaka airport station (Itami) to Yamada station.
Then take Hankyu-senri line from Yamada station to MInamisenri station.take a walk about 2 min to the venue.

Shin Osaka station (shinkansen station)
Shin osaka station takes about a half hour to get to the venue.

There are 2 ways to get there:

To take JR like from Shin-osaka station to Awaji station(Osaka higashi line) take a walk about 6 min to change to Hankyu-line (Hankyu-senri line) from Awaji station to MInamisenri station.
Take a walk about 2 min to the venue.

To Take subway (Midosuji-line) to Momoyamadai station, take a walk about 16 min to the venue.

about 10 min from Suita Inter cection.

Sightseeing around Minami-Senri

Basically, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Hyogo(Kobe) can be visited from Minami-Senri.

The currency is Japanese Yen (JPY),most of the little shops, restaurants only take cash.
Most major stores, shops and restaurants take credit card, or QR digital payments.

As you know, japanese yen is weak now so recently people from foreign country come to Japan to exploring due to yen rate got low. Most of the people are enjoying delicious foods, awesome services. You will enjoy Japanese soul foods at decent prices.

Osaka city
Whether you're a history enthusiast, a food lover, or simply seeking vibrant urban experiences, Osaka has something to offer for everyone. Situated in the Kansai region, Osaka is known for its rich cultural heritage, bustling city life, and delectable cuisine.

    • 1. Cultural Treasures:** Osaka boasts a blend of traditional and modern culture. You can explore historical landmarks like Osaka Castle, a magnificent symbol of the city's past. Don't miss Shitennoji Temple, one of Japan's oldest Buddhist temples, and Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine with its unique architectural style.

    • 2. Culinary Delights:** Osaka is often called "Japan's Kitchen" for good reason. Indulge in iconic street food such as takoyaki (octopus-filled dough balls), okonomiyaki (savory pancakes), and kushikatsu (deep-fried skewers). Experience the vibrant atmosphere of Dotonbori, a neon-lit district filled with restaurants and entertainment.

    • 3. Modern Landmarks:** The Umeda Sky Building offers stunning panoramic views of the cityscape. Take a leisurely stroll through Nakanoshima Park or explore the bustling shopping districts of Shinsaibashi and Umeda.

    • 4. Universal Studios Japan:** If you're a fan of theme parks, make sure to visit Universal Studios Japan. With attractions based on popular movies and characters, it's a fun-filled day for visitors of all ages.

    • 5. Local Festivals:** Check out the Tenjin Festival (Tenjin Matsuri) held in July, one of Japan's top three festivals, known for its lively boat procession along the Okawa River. It's a fantastic opportunity to experience traditional music, dance, and fireworks.

    • 6. Accessibility:** Osaka's efficient transportation system makes it easy to explore the city. The Osaka Metro and JR trains connect major attractions and neighborhoods, while the Kansai International Airport serves as a convenient gateway.

    • 7. Warm Hospitality:** Osaka is renowned for its friendly and open-minded locals. Don't hesitate to engage with them, even if you don't speak Japanese fluently – a smile and a few basic phrases go a long way.

    • 8. Nearby Excursions:** Osaka's central location makes it an ideal base for day trips to Kyoto, Nara, and Kobe, all easily accessible by train. Each of these cities offers its own unique attractions and historical sites.

Whether you're interested in history, food, shopping, or just soaking in the vibrant atmosphere of a bustling city, Osaka promises an unforgettable experience. Embrace the culture, savor the flavors, and immerse yourself in the heart of Japan's Kansai region. Enjoy your stay!

Osaka is well known for its food. If you go to central Osaka, easily to find Osakan foods!!
from the venue, you can easily access central Osaka, such as Umeda, Namba, etc.

    • 1. Okonomiyaki (お好み焼き):** Often referred to as "Japanese savory pancakes," okonomiyaki is a must-try dish in Osaka. It's made by mixing a batter of flour, grated yam, eggs, shredded cabbage, and various toppings like pork, seafood, cheese, and more. The mixture is then cooked on a griddle and topped with okonomiyaki sauce, mayo, seaweed flakes, and bonito flakes.

    • 2. Takoyaki (たこ焼き):** These delightful octopus-filled balls are a true Osaka specialty. A batter containing bits of octopus is poured into a special mold, creating bite-sized round spheres. Once cooked, they're garnished with takoyaki sauce, mayo, bonito flakes, and green onions.

    • 3. Kushikatsu (串カツ):** If you're a fan of deep-fried delights, kushikatsu is a must-try. It consists of skewered and breaded pieces of meat, seafood, and vegetables that are deep-fried to crispy perfection. Dip them in a communal sauce between bites for a unique and flavorful experience.

    • 4. Yakiniku (焼肉):** While not exclusive to Osaka, the city boasts a variety of yakiniku restaurants. Yakiniku involves grilling bite-sized pieces of meat, often beef, pork, and chicken, at your table. It's a fun and interactive dining experience where you can enjoy the flavors of perfectly grilled meat.

    • 5. Kitsune Udon (きつねうどん):** This classic noodle dish features thick wheat noodles in a flavorful dashi broth, topped with sweet and savory aburaage (fried tofu). It's a comforting and satisfying dish, perfect for a quick meal.

    • 6. Negiyaki (ねぎ焼き):** Similar to okonomiyaki, negiyaki features a pancake-like batter mixed with generous amounts of green onions (negi). It's often filled with ingredients like pork or seafood and topped with a savory sauce.

    • 7. Ikayaki (いか焼き):** Grilled whole squid brushed with a sweet soy-based glaze, ikayaki is a delicious seafood treat commonly found at street stalls and festivals.

    • 8. Horumon (ホルモン):** For the adventurous eaters, horumon refers to offal and organ meats, typically beef or pork, grilled or stir-fried with various seasonings. It's a popular dish among locals and offers a unique taste experience.

    • 9. Street Food Delights:** While wandering the streets of Osaka, don't miss out on trying street foods like kibi dango (sweet rice cakes), kushiyaki (grilled skewers), and taiyaki (fish-shaped pastries filled with sweet or savory fillings).

These are just a few of the many delicious foods you can enjoy in Osaka. The city's vibrant food scene is an essential part of experiencing its unique culture and culinary heritage. Enjoy your culinary adventure in Osaka!

Event Coordinators

Akemi and Teruyuki Kajihara will be your event coordinators for this remote location. If you have any questions please contact
WhatsApp +818038137320
Line/phone 08038137320

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