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Seminar group:
Valencia 2024
16.09.2024 - 05.11.2024

Intuitive Anatomy Instructors
16 Sep 2024 - 4 Oct 2024
Attendance: 10 days Online, 5 days in Person
 THInK Instructors Team
THInK Instructors Team
Total Costs ≈6580.00 USD

consisting of:
➧ Seminar costs: 5480.00 USD
➧ Registration Fee 1100.00 USD
Intuitive Child in me Instructors (former Rainbow Children Instructors)
7 Oct 2024 - 10 Oct 2024
Attendance: in person at Remote Location
 THInK Instructors Team
THInK Instructors Team
Total Costs ≈2510.00 USD

consisting of:
➧ Seminar costs: 1800.00 USD
➧ Registration Fee 710.00 USD
Planes of Existence Instructors
28 Oct 2024 - 1 Nov 2024
Attendance: in person at Remote Location
 THInK Instructors Team
THInK Instructors Team
Total Costs ≈2810.00 USD

consisting of:
➧ Seminar costs: 2100.00 USD
➧ Registration Fee 710.00 USD
You and The Earth Instructor
4 Nov 2024 - 5 Nov 2024
Attendance: in person at Remote Location
 THInK Instructors Team
THInK Instructors Team
Total Costs ≈1240.00 USD

consisting of:
➧ Seminar costs: 890.00 USD
➧ Registration Fee 350.00 USD
These seminars can be attended in several locations.

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More Information

Our destination since 2017. A cosmopolitan city that wonderfully combines sciences and nature. It is easy to move around, and you will find all that you need for a pleasant stay during your certification.

Once confirmed the exact location for the certification, we will share with you places where you could stay nearby. If you wish to find you accommodations before, we are sure you will find a location that best suit your needs for a comfortable stay.

Google Maps Link
You can visit our website to find more details about Valencia, how to move there and some information on accommodations.

Vianna in Spain

Once the location is confirmed we will share the “barrio” that is closest where you might stay.
Valencia has an International Airport with great connections to the main cities within Spain and Europe.
Here you can find a list of the airlines that fly to Valencia Airport:

Valencia's International Airport can be reached by public transportation from Hotel Las Arenas in about 50 minutes and by car 25 minutes.

From Madrid:
• 1hr 38min AVE.
• 2hr ALVIA
From Barcelona:
• 3hr9min Euromed
From Sevilla
• Via Cordova 3hr50 AVE
• Via Granada 11hr30min with connections
From Badajoz:
• 7hr30 via Madrid MD + AVE
Information and ticket purchase:

From Madrid:
• A3 toll road - 360km
• National road A4 towards Castilla-La Mancha follow CM-220, C; 211 and then A3 - 370km.
From Barcelona:
• C-32, E15/AP7 partial toll road - 350km.
From Sevilla & Granada:
• Partial toll road A92 follow E-15/A-7 then A-31 and A-7 - 760km

More detailed information in
It´s easy to move around in Valencia. For more information on where to buy tickets or cards for public transportation, you can visit the section we have prepared for you on the website:

Acerca de Valencia

Local transportation:
You can use the website or download the app from public transit in Valencia:
Fares & Tickets:
This link will give you information on prices and where to buy tickets.
Google maps:
If you prefer to walk you can access google maps by clicking here

Cabify App
FreeNow App
Teletaxi +34 900 027 314
Taxi Valencia +34 679 473 62


The City of Valencia tells its Town story with the different buildings, landscape, Parks, and iconic places from different moments of history. You Will find modern architecture combines with ancient houses, historical buildings, and natural areas. In the surroundings of the City, you will find beautiful towns with fortresses, castles, natural hot springs, hiking and more.

The Beach
Valencia is well known for warm water mediterranean beaches. Playa las Arenas is one of the most famous beaches with hotels, restaurants and it’s the site of the iconic Hotel Las Arenas, which is a remodeled “Balneario”, historical thermal spa, and is now a 5 Star grand Luxury Hotel. You can also find the port which host international nautical events and regattas, plus you can visit the old “Aduana”, the customs port trade part of the silk route.

An endemic ecosystem, a sweet water estuary with local fauna and flora where you will find the old traditional Valencian houses and you can take a tour on a traditional boat, enjoy the local cuisine and traditional rabbit paella, or more commonly known fish paella or vegetarian paella.

Cathedral- Downtown
“Plaza del Ayuntamiento”, town hall, the Cathedral, the Virgin Mary Square and the central Market are some of the emblematic and historical buildings in the downtown area. It’s worth a visit. You can walk around and enjoy the architect or visit the museums.

Barrio del Carmen
A colorful historic barrio, where you find the remains of the fortified wall and its towers, Torre de Serranos, Torres de Quarts and a good place to walk around and try local cuisine in the diverse bars and restaurants of the area.

City of Science
It’s a dynamic museum with a modern architecture designed by world renowned Architect Santiago Calatrava. You can visit the museum, the buildings and parks and watch an i-max movie in the Hemisféric.

Bioparc - Oceanographic
Located in the opposite ends of the old river trail of the Turia, the aquarium with its magnificent architecture, one iconic look of Calatrava. And the zoo park that is designed to create awareness on the preservation of wild live. Created with multispecies areas to create the feeling for you and the animals in residences as similar as their natural habitats.

Gardens, museums, concert halls, parks, attractions, all in the old river trail of the Turia. A place to have a calming walk, to exercise, to find cultural events, go on a bike, skates, or games.

Where to eat?
Almost any local cafeteria-bar, will have delicious Spanish cuisine. You can visit local markets for traditional food, and the Barrio Ruzafa host many local and international restaurant and bars in a lively Spanish neighborhood.
In the downtown area the prices and menus are more touristic oriented, but you will find savory foods. Do not miss the traditional paella, ornate and fartons and the different rice plates, fideuas, fish dishes and traditional seafood.

Event Coordinators
Sisters, Samantha and Prisila Lohmann are happy to coordinate all the THInK Instructors Team, Vianna and her family in Spain.

We are looking forward to having you in the beautiful city of Valencia. May you enjoy it as much as we do!

If you have Questions or if you need some further information, please contact us by e-mail

Samantha & Prisila Lohmann


How to Apply for a Scholarship.
For Seminar fees, ThetaHealing believes in giving back and has created a scholarship program to assist people with reaching their dreams.

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How to Apply for a Teachers Assistant
A Teacher Assistant is a Certified Instructor who has already taken that seminar and is there to assist students when Vianna breaks them into groups for training. Teachers Assistants are awarded based off number of students in seminar and some may be chosen last minute.

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