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Seminar group:
Peania Athens Greece
GR-Peania Athens
16.09.2024 - 05.11.2024

Intuitive Anatomy Instructors
16 Sep - 4 Oct 2024
Attendance: in person at Remote Location
 THInK Instructors Team
THInK Instructors Team
Total Costs ≈6580.00 USD

consisting of:
➧ Seminar costs: 5480.00 USD
➧ Registration Fee 1100.00 USD
Building Intuition Instructors (former Rainbow Children Instructors)
7 - 10 Oct 2024
Attendance: in person at Remote Location
 THInK Instructors Team
THInK Instructors Team
Total Costs ≈2510.00 USD

consisting of:
➧ Seminar costs: 1800.00 USD
➧ Registration Fee 710.00 USD
Planes of Existence Instructors
28 Oct - 1 Nov 2024
Attendance: in person at Remote Location
 THInK Instructors Team
THInK Instructors Team
Total Costs ≈2810.00 USD

consisting of:
➧ Seminar costs: 2100.00 USD
➧ Registration Fee 710.00 USD
You and The Earth Instructor
4 - 5 Nov 2024
Attendance: in person at Remote Location
 THInK Instructors Team
THInK Instructors Team
Total Costs ≈1240.00 USD

consisting of:
➧ Seminar costs: 890.00 USD
➧ Registration Fee 350.00 USD
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The ThetaHealing seminars with Viana Stibal will take place in Peania, Attica, at the ThetaCosmos Meditation Center. Our venue is easily accessible by car and public transport.

ThetaCosmos Meditation Center
Our meditation center is located only a few minutes from the central square of Peania, giving access to all kinds of necessities, such as mini markets, cafes, restaurants, pharmacies.
Finding parking outside our meditation center is very easy and quick.

You can find us very easily by following the directions on the map below:
Google maps


These are some recommendations close by the ThetaCosmos Meditation Center which can be booked directly with the host or hotel. Please book your accommodation early and feel free to contact us for guidance and further information.

Here is a link for AirBnB options in the closeby area:

The Holiday Inn Hotel is located approximatly 11-minute-drive::

The St. Thomas Bed and Breakfast is a great choice if you want to add a refreshing 25-minute-walk to your day:

If you prefer to stay in small apartments you can check out the Peania Domus::

Another option is the Stone Palace Hotel which is located approximatly 9-minute-drive from the venue:

You can also go to following link and book your accomodoation directly through Tripadvistor:

Feel free to contact us at for any details relating to your stay in Athens.

How to get to ThetaCosmos Meditation Center

The easiest way to get to the venue is to use the metro line 3 (M3) and the bus 308. You take the M3 and get out at the Nomismatokopio station. From there you go up to the ground floor level and take the bus 308 towards Koropi. You get out at the 2nd station of Agias Triadas and in 2 minutes walking distance you arrive at the venue.

General Information
Travelers to Greece must have a passport valid for at least 6 months after the date of travel, and at least 2 blank visa pages. If you hold a passport from any other country, please check the requirements. Those passengers requiring a visa for Greece will need to obtain a multiple entry Greek visa. The list of countries requiring visas is liable to change at short notice and therefore you should check with the Greek embassy in your home country.
Greece's monetary unit is the Euro. No other currency is accepted, and it is best to exchange dollars or other currency at a bank. The exchange rates are all the same throughout the country and you exchange money at a bank or official exchange shop where you will get the best running rates. Currency exchange shops and banks in very touristy areas charge high commissions, so make sure you know what the commissions are before you commit to a transaction. Banks are open from 9:00 AM until 2:00 PM. If you want to exchange your money at the airport you can use the exchange office at the luggage pickup area.
Athens Airport Metro
The metro is available between 06:30 in the morning till 23:30 in the evening. It leaves from Athens airport metro station every 30 minutes. The trip from Athens airport to the center of Athens (Syntagma Station) takes 40 minutes. A one-way ticket for one person costs approximately 10€.
Athens Airport Bus
There are four different bus routes starting from Athens airport. They are available 24 hours a day - 7 days a week. You can catch the bus from the designated area at the arrivals level (between Exit 4 and Exit 5). The buses leave every 30 to 60 minutes depending on the route. You can find more information here:

Athens Metro and Suburban Railway
The metro network in Athens was upgraded for the Olympic Games in 2004 and is the fastest way to move around the city.
The Athenian Metro network consists of three lines and the Suburban Railway network consists of two lines.
Drinking, eating, and smoking are prohibited in the Metro. It is however, a very convenient way of getting around Athens, all stops are written in Greek and Roman script.
For more local transportation options visit

Car Rentals
Renting a car in Athens is easy and affordable when arriving at the airport. A car rental will give you the opportunity to stay anywhere you choose, for example in the Athenian Riviera area and still have easy access to the venue.

Taxi cars in Athens are yellow with an illuminated sign marked "TAXI" on top. One can stop taxis in Greece by simply raising a hand or go to Taxi stands, which are located in many parts in Athens. It may occur that the taxi already has passengers inside or board other people during the ride, as it is common to share taxis in Greece. This practice is usual in Athens, not in the small towns. When the sign on top is lighted, the taxi is available for hire. There is a minimum fare for the short taxi rides and then the price is settled by the meter. Taxis in Greece double their fares between midnight and 05:00 am. Also note that there is an extra charge for picking up from the ports, train and bus stations but also for luggage.
Athens is the capital and largest city of Greece. Athens dominates the Attica region and is one of the world's oldest cities, with its recorded history spanning around 3,400 years, and the earliest human presence around the 11th–7th millennium BC.
The heritage of the classical era is still evident in the city, represented by ancient monuments and works of art, the most famous of all being the Parthenon, considered a key landmark of early Western civilization.

Here are some of the most interesting things you can do in Athens:

Event Coordinators

Please feel free to contact us for any information about the classes you are attending and details relating to your stay in Athens.

The venue is at the ThetaCosmos Meditation Center
Address: Dim. N. Choynta 12, 19002 Peania

Ioanna Bakratsa: +30 6937 067 936
Panagiotis Monachos: +30 6956 548 398
Office number: +30 210 66 41 211

How to Apply for a Scholarship

ThetaHealing believes in giving back and has created a scholarship program to assist people with reaching their dreams.

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How to Apply for a Teachers Assistant

A Teacher Assistant is a Certified Instructor who has already taken that seminar and is there to assist students when Vianna breaks them into groups for training. Teachers Assistants are awarded based off number of students in seminar and some may be chosen last minute.

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